Antica Gastronomia delle Marche
"Rural Gourmet"

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They are part of Le Marche region culinary tradition. Made of melted pork fat.
Excellent for breakfast or snacks, delicious even at the end of a meal.
Shortcrust pastry tarte stuffed with jam, almonds, cocoa and sweet spirit.
Fish dish with artichokes and olives "Piantone Mogliano" typical of our territory
Tasty puff pastry stuffed with artichokes and tuna.
Pitted "giant" green olives stuffed with a filling of mixed minced meat, eggs, Parmesan cheese and spices, finally breaded
Pork chick with hot pepper. Heavy Italian swine cheek, trimmed, salted plenty of hot pepper and seasoned.
Pork cheek trimmed, salted, peppered on the surface and left to age. The barbaja ("guanciale") with pepper is seasoned after flavoring with salt, pepper and a particular mixture of aromatic plants. It has a very intense and spicy flavor and has a harder consistency than bacon which is instead obtained from the belly of the pig.