Authenticity and tradition meet, entirely handmade, beautifully presented, unique in flavours and aromas. Success guaranteed.


Porchetta, the queen of Marche gastronomy, a flagship product, is a masterpiece of gastronomic technique, unique in flavours and aromas, thanks to the unmistakable use of wild fennel and the goodness of the pork; also available with turkey.

The balance of flavors and respect for traditions, a “rural gourmet” that stands out in the simplicity of preparation, and innovative manufacturing processes. Genuineness and tradition meet, entirely handmade, beautiful in presenting itself, unique in flavors and aromas. Success guaranteed.

Processing porchetta is an elaborate task, full of tradition. Only the best parts of “national swine” are chosen to make the divine porchetta. The meats are flavoured with a mixture, specially prepared for this product, of salt, pepper, aromatic herbs and the unmistakable wild fennel. The meat is rolled up and hand tied with vertical, circular binding. It is then cooked in the oven for an entire night. –

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Boneless, seasoned with salt, pepper, wild fennel, spices, aromas and baked
Boneless, seasoned with salt, pepper, spices and aromas