our gastronomy menu

From the dear old Cookbook of the "vergara" (matriarch), a full menu, from first courses to meat and fish, and yet side dishes, sauces and dressings and the inevitable fried food, in classic proposals or new variations made of cheese.
Feste: Specialties for special occasions, with the taste of creativity. The typical Olivier salads and decorated products conquer the palate and the eye.

Traditional first courses

Turkey meat

Vegetables Side Dishes

Grilled Vegetables

Pasta salads

Pork meat

Gratin Vegetables

Stir-fried Vegetables

One-course meals

Poultry meat

Roasted Vegetables

Roman & Giudia Artichokes

Olivier Salads

Veal meat

Boiled Vegetables

Fried food

Decorated fish



Salted pies & Snacks

Festive decorated dishes

Decorated meat



Salami and cured meats

A rich and exclusive parade of curred meats specialities from Le Marche, from the popular ciauscolo PGI
to salami and the head cheese, with the authenticity of our land and the refined craftsmanship
that reinvents the tradition.

Ciauscolo PGI

Sausages & cotechino


Capocollo and loin

Head cheese

Braised Ham

Bacon and Guanciale

Pork rind and ciccioli


Table olives Piantone Mogliano