Our traditional recipe of galantine is made with thirty years of experience, thanks to the passion in the butcher sector.

Second Courses of Meat

Macerata’s gastronomy is rich in flavours and traditions of peasant know-how, which have been handed down thanks to the “vergare” (matriarchs), important people in the agricultural world who managed the home and family and satisfied even the most demanding palates with sometimes very modest means.

Thanks to our passion, you can now rediscover these ancient flavours: a “rural gourmet” that returns to everyday life. Galantines are produced by only using the very best selected meats, 100% Made in Italy; appetising and decorative, achieved by a long and not easy preparation. Our traditional Galantine recipe is based on over thirty years of experience, thanks to our passion and experience in the butchery sector. A constant commitment to the work, considering it, first and foremost, a creative art that sees progress as a way to optimise craftsmanship instead of replacing it.

The meat of the Marche tradition is a real spectacle for the senses, a symphony of authentic and genuine flavors that reflect the soul of this land. The local farms, characterized by traditional practices and respectful of the environment, have been able to enhance the taste and quality of local products, celebrating for centuries of generations, a real culinary treasure that is the basis for the production of high quality meat.

This region of central Italy offers a wide range of fine meats, coming from traditional farms and cared for with passion and dedication. The welfare of the animals, raised in the traditional way among the green pastures and moors of the region, is reflected in the unique taste of this meat, valuable and tasty, and each bite will take you on an unparalleled sensory journey.

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Meat and vegetable dish, very practical as it is a second course with side dish, it can be eaten both cold and heated in a non-stick pan or in the microwave.
It can be used as a second course or as a main course it is also very suitable for filling sandwiches.
Chicken stuffed with a mixture of meats, vegetables, pistachios, grana padano cheese and boiled egg and steamed
Dish suitable in many situations, to stuff sandwiches and also with the addition of vegetables, to prepare second courses stuffed with boiled and / or grilled vegetables or enjoyed alone with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some flakes of Parmesan cheese.
Marinated, cooked and sliced pork loin dressed with a velvety carrot sauce.
It is an appetizing second course that thanks to the green sauce remains soft and tasty even cold.
Delicious second course complete with side dish, it can also be used for filling delicious sandwiches.
Delicious second course complete with side dish, it can also be used for filling sandwiches. Great both hot and cold.
Second course tasty, pleasant to the palate with a feeling of contrast between sweet and salty, it can also be used as an appetizer and consumed both cold and hot.