The Marche, a region in the plural like the many gastronomic delicacies of the Marche tradition that, handed down for generations from mother to daughter, have come down to us.

Gastronomia delle Marche

Once upon a time there was the "vergara"... The Marche cuisine has remained deeply rooted in a historically rural civilization, where the leading lady was the "vergara", the housewife in the kitchen. His frank and robust dishes knew how to use everything that was available, creating delights that we can still enjoy in the Marche region. Antica Gastronomia reflects the values of a welcoming and generous territory, which come together creating unique flavors, in the art of cooking.

From our menu of rural gastronomy, from the old dear recipe book of the “vergara”, the traditional first courses such as Vincisgrassi, to then move on to sauces and sauces starting from the classic meat sauce to the most sought after sauces. If you are looking for a tasty idea for the appetizer or aperitif, the excellent rustic savory pies and snacks ranging from the classic cheese cake to the stronger taste of Sgrisciolata. For the second courses, the Gastronomy of the Marche offers meat, fish and vegetable dishes for all tastes. For side dishes there is a wide choice of: grilled and au gratin vegetables, legumes and boiled and sautéed vegetables. Moving on to fried foods you can not miss the classic Olive Ascolane and cremini and, of course, potatoes. There is also a wide choice for unique dishes including rice tomatoes, parmigiana and “valdostane”. You can also find the classic Russian salad in the version even without tuna. And last but not least desserts, the great classics of the “vergara”. In addition, the Gastronomy of the Marche offers a selection of flours harvested from our wheat once a year, only when it has naturally reached full maturity, taking only what the earth can give us.

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Excellent for breakfast or snacks, delicious even at the end of a meal.
Shortcrust pastry tarte stuffed with jam, almonds, cocoa and sweet spirit.
Fish dish with artichokes and olives "Piantone Mogliano" typical of our territory
Tasty puff pastry stuffed with artichokes and tuna.
Pitted "giant" green olives stuffed with a filling of mixed minced meat, eggs, Parmesan cheese and spices, finally breaded
White beans type "Spain" seasoned with spring onions, pepper fillets, anchovies, parsley, garlic and aromas
The "Boiled Broccoli florets" are a versatile side dish as you can season or use it to your liking
Product to be enjoyed as a cold or hot side dish.