Potatoes, cremini and "Olive ascolane" are practically inevitable, stuffed with meat, the fried par excellence in the Marche tradition...

Fried foods

The Antica Gastronomia range of fried foods includes some of the recipes that tell of the Mediterranean culinary tradition in a wide choice of classic and home-made products. And so, between laughter and gossip, Marche fried foods bring joy and flavour to the table.

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Olive all’ascolana is practically inevitable. Stuffed with meat, this fried food is Marche tradition par excellence; but the mixed fry also includes meat cutlets or codfish, polenta, followed by a mix of vegetables… A rich dish, where many typical, local products are used, becomes the expression of the richness of the Marche countryside.

In the varied and magical world of Marche fried foods, where crispiness and flavour come together in a symphony of delicacies, in the Marche region, fried foods are a true culinary art, bringing joy and smiles with every bite. The natural flavour of the raw materials under oil, the crispy bread crust that enhances the dish.

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Pitted "giant" green olives stuffed with a filling of mixed minced meat, eggs, Parmesan cheese and spices, finally breaded
Custard cut into small cubes and breaded
Eggplant, cheese, mozzarella and chilli meatballs, covered with a crunchy breading and fried
Small meatballs made with rice and tomato stuffed with cheese and meat, fried in oil
Slices of artichoke hearts, flavored, battered and fried
Fillet of codfish cut into pieces, battered and fried
Stuffed with anchovies and mozzarella, battered and fried in oil
Covered with crab-flavoured surimi pulp, breaded and fried
Delicious and crunchy potatoes cut into slices and fried