Breaded Edamer cheese slices stuffed with cooked ham, sauteed mushrooms and ready to cook.

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Peso indicativo
2,5 kg
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Valori nutrizionali per 100g
EnergiakJ 1078/Kcal 258
Grassi16 g
di cui acidi grassi saturi10.0 g
Carboidrati9.6 g
di cui Zuccheri0 g
Fibre0 g
Proteine19 g
Sale1.3 g

Edamer (milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments), Mushrooms (Cut mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus), sunflower oil, mixture of spices (in varying proportions: onion, parsley, marjoram), salt. Flavor enhancer: E621 (monosodium glutamate). Acidity Regulator:E330.), P. Cooked (Pork (50%), water, potato starch, salt, modified starch Thickeners: E407, E415, Acidity regulator: E331, spices, flavorings, flavor enhancer: E621; antioxidant: E301; Preservative: E250.), Corn flour, Eggs, Milk, Flour type “0”.

Storage conditions

In the refrigerator at a temperature between 0°C + 4°C. Consume the product within 5 days of opening the package.


The “Valdostane” is an appetizing and tasty II°, the product should be heated in a pan with non-stick, melting a little butter and adding the Valdostana until it is slightly golden on the surface, or in the traditional oven slightly wetting the surface with oil, then put the “Valdostana” in the oven at a temperature of 185 ° C for about 8 minutes.

Allergen table
Descrizione allergenePresenzaPot. presenza
Anidride solforosa e solfitiX-
Arachidi e prodotti a base di arachidi--
Cereali contenenti glutineX-
Crostacei e prodotti a base di crostacei--
Frutta a guscio--
Latte e prodotti a base di latteX-
Lupini e prodotti a base di lupini--
Semi di sesamo e prodotti a base di semi di sesamo--
Molluschi e prodotti a base di molluschi--
Pesce e prodotti a base di pesce-X
Sedano e prodotti a base di sedano--
Senape e prodotti a base di senape--
Soia e prodotti a base di soia--
Uova e prodotti a base di uovaX-

Complies with Ministerial Decree 21.3.1973, Reg. CE n° 1935/2004, Reg. CE n° 1895/2005, Reg. CE n° 10/2011 e s.m.i.

Weight tolerance

All weights of the Products are expressed as indicative as they are subject to change. It may happen that the weight (in grams/kg) selected in your order differs slightly from the weight (in grams/kg) displayed at the time of the request definitively confirmed in our final order confirmation.

Produced and packaged
Antica Gastronomia Srl – 62010 Mogliano (Mc) – italy – E. Fermi,1 * These data may be changed without prior notice from the manufacturer. Date 07/08/2023
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