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All the best of Marche cured meats.
Discover our specialties: ciauscolo PGI,
salami, sausages and cotechino, capocollo
and loin, braised ham, pork rinds and ciccioli,
bacon and guanciale, head cheese.

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Ode to the salami from Macerata

Kings of the table. In the past, the slaughtering of the pig, in Le Marche dialect called "la pista", was a celebration and a gathering moment for the communities, families and neighborhood members actively joined, helping each other and after that, tasty the delicacies prepared by vergare.

Ciauscolo PGI

Sausages & cotechino


Capocollo and loin

Head cheese

Braised Ham

Bacon and Guanciale

Pork rind and ciccioli