Snacks are prepared by respecting and revisiting ancient, traditional recipes, with balanced flavours and simple dishes, but also - and above all - by innovative processing techniques.

In the Marche region, the kitchen offers a variety of tasty and delicious snacks that will surely stimulate the appetite. These snacks are often prepared with local and genuine ingredients, enhancing the flavors of the region. These Marche delights with authentic and refined flavors, such as the Cheese pie, made according to an ancient medieval recipe, rich in pepper, it is characterized by the flavor of pecorino romano, that of the Sibillini mountains, parmesan and cheese in pieces. Or the Sgrisciolata, a savoury pizza containing pork fat which is also an ancient, traditional recipe. “Nothing of the pig is wasted”. Popular wisdom has handed down this saying, devising systems to recover even the smallest usable part, in which everything was treasured in the fight against hunger and poverty. The rural recipes of the Marche region are characterized by the genuineness of the ingredients and the culinary tradition handed down from generation to generation, perceiving the love for good food.

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Cheese pizza typical of the Easter period.
Puff pastry stretched and bundle-shaped, stuffed with cooked ham and mushrooms.
Pizza dough enriched with crushed cheese balls.
Salty pizza enriched inside with pork fat.
Puff pastry baskets with Russian salad, tuna sauce and mushroom sauce